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 Rules! Please read.

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Queen of the Werewolves!
Queen of the Werewolves!

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PostSubject: Rules! Please read.   Sat Apr 12, 2008 3:32 am

Okay I'm Emma. Welcome to Enough4forever I hope you like it here. We only have a couple of rules.

1) be happy
2) if you have a issues with some one please tell me or a mod! it will be dealt with, if you don't do anything about it, i see it as your fault.
3) CHECK TO SEE IF there is a topic already made! before you make one!
4) No bashing other sites
5) I am making a fanfiction section but its different than you would think.
6) Do NoT pOsT lIkE tHis! It Is VeRy HaRd To ReAd AnD i ThInK It'S uGlY aNd A wAsTe Of TiMe!
7) I am God! i am the power! i am Chaos! what i say goes!

we have a three strikes your out rule. if you break any of these rules three times then you are band for a week after that a month and then forever.
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Rules! Please read.
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